Conquest S20 SG

This mobile device offers some of the strongest features such as an IP68 waterproof rating while receiving a MIL-STD 810H shock and drop rating. This means that the device was made to be durable. Add that up with an 8000mAh battery capacity and 5G support. You get a great phone for mobile gaming.

DERE Laptop TBook

If you’re into the use of Windows notebooks, the TBook DG1 model offers a great storage option with 512GB/M.2/SATA. It also has 45.6Wh lithium polymer making it great for long-term use at just a single charge. In terms of use, it has the latest Intel Iris Xe MAX making it adaptable to the latest product and software setups.

Blackview Tab 11

Need a quick handy tablet that you can use for meetings or school work? The Blackview Tab is a great option. It has a 10.36-inch screen size that is supported with 1200*2000 pixels FHD+IPS making the overall view high quality. It also supports 2 sim cards and is an excellent choice for day-to-day activities.

DERE M12 Laptop

If you’re looking for a laptop that you can dedicate heavy time on, the Dere M12 laptop has a gigantic 15.6 inches screen that allows you to jump between apps or windows with ease. It has 16GB Ram and a 512 SSD IPS which makes it an ideal choice for office use.

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite

This mobile device is packed with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 695 5G Chipset that gives it one of the strongest mobile devices in the market. It is also supported with an 8GB LPDDR4X + 128GB UFS2.2 and a 16MP front camera making it an ideal choice to build aesthetically pleasing video or photos - perfect for social media use.

DERE V14S Laptop

This device is available in pink, green, or silver in color. It is one of the newest launch for Intel Jasper Lake N5095 that is an ideal and portable choice since it is the 11th generation Celeron Power. It has a standby time of 48 hours and with backlit keywords and Windows 10 support, a great option for day-to-day activities.